Inspiring stories of acupuncture treatments

Miu-Ying K.

Acute Spinal Injury

One day a few years back I found myself difficult to walk and with severe spinal pain. I was admitted to the emergency immediately and was diagnosed with acute low back pain. Then I received physiotherapy for about half a year but without improvement.

Later I found out about SIT Acupuncture through a friend and decided to give it a try. Two months of acupuncture treatments gave me confidence, I was improving gradually. Pain in my lumbar spine decreased and I could walk without a stick. I kept on the treatment for about three times a week in the year at first, then decreased to once weekly.

Thank you so much! I am so grateful to have recovered from my low back pain, and now I could travel to other countries by plane and enjoy my retirement life.

Fong N.

Arthritis & Cardiac Hypertrophy

When I came to SIT Acupuncture I was suffering from arthritis pain on all four of my limbs and chest pain due to cardiac hypertrophy. I received acupuncture treatments twice weekly for half a year. Afterwards I could walk independently without help or assistance from others. There was only mild to nil pain in my chest. When I returned to my family for a regular follow up, the doctor told me that my heart and overall health condition were much better than before.

Miu-Ling H.

Thyroid Tumour & Complications

I had a thyroid gland tumour, and thyroidectomy and chemotherapy were done for about four years ago. Since then I had side effects of dry mouth, dry skin over my neck and my left ear became deaf.

Through my friend, I was introduced to see the acupuncturist at SIT Acupuncture. After receiving my acupuncture treatments three times a week for a three-month course, my wound pain was decreased gradually and the condition of dry mouth and dry skin were also improved.

In the following two years, I kept on receiving acupuncture treatments one to two times a week for maintenance.

I know that the acupuncture treatments can help me build up my health and immunity power.

Glen B.

Post-Operative Pain

I visited SIT Acupuncture when I was suffering from major back, shoulder and hip pain on my right side. I had previously had three back operations and the pain always returned soon thereafter. I began a series of acupuncture treatments and at the second treatment I was able to sleep on my right side for the first time in many months. The pain in my hip and shoulder had nearly gone, I did have eight more treatments and to this day I can still sleep on my right side.

Prior to these treatment, I did not believe in acupuncture, therefore did not try it, I wish I had done this many years earlier.

At the end of treatments, I was given a series of exercises to do that help to keep me going with little or no pain. I found the staff easy to talk to and they certainly seemed to have my health as a priority during my treatments.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone suffering through joint and back pain, regardless of age. For your information, I have been retired for over five years, I’m not young but the treatments worked fine for me.

Dr. Kung

Lower Back Injury

As a GP, I’ve always been skeptical about holistic therapies, especially the intrusive acupuncture model. But one painful accident had changed my perspective. A few years ago, I had missed the chair while I was trying to sit down. Landing on my buttock, I immediately felt localized pain over the lumbar-sacral region. On physical examination, there was soft tissue swelling and tenderness of the sacral area without focal neurological signs.

My back pain did not resolve with conservative management for one entire week, and I was suffering immensely. With no better option, I took my aunt’s advice to seek acupuncture help at SIT Acupuncture. I received one course of daily treatment for five consecutive days. The severe pain immediately reduced after my first session, while the pain and swelling completely subsided after the full course. There is no recurrence of symptom afterwards.

I am very impressed by the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment. Since then, I still come for all sorts of problems. It is both fascinating to see how I heal with just acupuncture and to learn about the body in a completely different perspective.

Eva C., 35

Smooth Pregnancy and Labour

Sam and Ingrid have helped me to cure many health problems including bloating issues, lower back pain, cold hands & feet from poor circulation, knees pain, clicking sound in my jaw joint, constant fatigue, seriously sprained ankle, carpal tunnel, etc.

Out of all their wonderful work, I have to thank them the most for helping me to get pregnant easily and have a comfortable pregnancy! I’m in my mid 30s when trying to get pregnant. They got my uterus in its best shape and I got pregnant within the first week of attempt! Pregnancy was comfortable because they have helped with my pregnancy symptoms. In my first trimester, I felt morning sickness for consecutive 2 days, and I decided to try acupuncture to remove this pregnancy symptom. Believe or not that my morning sickness was gone after 1 acupuncture session! In my second trimester, a sharp pain in my lower back happened all of a sudden one morning, and Sam did magical work and helped me to remove the pain with 1 session again! My lower back pain didn’t come back until a few months later when baby got heavier, but they continue to be able to help me along the way until baby arrived! I slept well during my whole pregnancy and it was because of acupuncture from Sam and Ingrid. Baby was born at 8lbs 4oz and is very healthy!!

If you’re considering to give acupuncture a try, please visit Sam, Ingrid & Ting clinic. They use the most effective acupuncture technique that I can guarantee you to see positive results even after 1 session. Sam has mastered his acupuncture techniques from many years of experience and learned from various masters in China; Ingrid has earned her PhD in Chinese Medicine with a specialization of acupuncture in China; Ting has earned her degree of acupuncture in China and learned the skills from Sam for years.

Make a visit to Sam, Ingrid & Ting clinic! Experience what a healthy body truly feels like!!

Jennifer Y.


Thank you so much to Sam & Ingrid! I have been suffering from vertigo and headache for almost a year and a friend of mine referred me to seek for their help! I am so glad I did! My vertigo and headache have gone after having few months of continuous treatments. Sam & Ingrid has also provide advice for me to have a healthy diet which helped me a lot as well. Thank you so so much to both of you!

Goldie L.

Vancouver, BC

Sub-Optimal health and Chronic Bloating

I first saw Ingrid and Sam back in 2011 and had innovative acupuncture treatments. They were phenomenal. Never did I feel like I was 15 years younger. After only 4 treatments and plenty of rest, I felt like I was in my early twenties again. I was sleeping well, ate whatever I liked and had no trouble with digestion. Their philosophy was to ensure your health was balanced and at optimal level. It’s nothing I have ever experienced. Their holistic approach targets all areas of the body which is effective and more accurate than traditional acupuncture. The results are instant and I can’t express how lucky I have been to have tried this type of treatment. It’s safe and effective. As I live in Vancouver, every time I have the opportunity to visit Toronto, I would make time to see them. It’s the best money spent on maintaining my health.

Archie M.

Moncton, NB

Post-Traumatic Pain with Drug Dependence

I was referred to Sam by a dear friend who was successfully treated by him. My problem is nerve related. After my accident, the health service could not find the exact location and obviously could not relieve the pain that was debilitating. In lieu of healing me, it was decided that regulated opiates would return me to some semblance of a normal life. Not satisfied with this type of life style, I decided, with my friend’s urging, to try Sam. With the initial appraisal and five sessions, I have no pain, am walking without a limp, and within a month I will be off the drugs. Sam treats the whole body and I will return in June to finish the last five sessions.

My thanks to Sam and his associates for their good work…