Diagnosis & needling

Our success is due to a combination of our accurate acupuncture diagnosis and precise needling techniques.

Accurate Diagnosis

Successful acupuncture treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. At SIT Acupuncture, we look for the underlying cause, not just the visible symptoms, of your current condition. It is this method that ensures our acupuncture treatments are more successful and have longer-lasting effects than other treatments.

Our holistic approach allows us to view each condition macroscopically. The body is a tight, interlocking entity, and any change will cause a domino effect in other systems. Many illnesses might just have one or two underlying problems, but often due to misdiagnosis, lack of or delayed therapy, complications arise which make treatment so much more challenging.

Revealing the root cause of the problem in this complex state takes knowledge, skill and experience. Our expert acupuncturists at SIT Acupuncture practice a unique diagnostic method that enables the practitioner to identify the slightest imbalance in the body. It not only facilitates healing from the root cause, but also allows early detection of illnesses and serves as a means of health maintenance.

Fine Needling

An acupuncturist’s level of skill, precision and technique determines the outcome of an acupuncture treatment. Good needling technique is defined by the sensation or stimulated inner feeling that is derived after needle insertion, and achieving this sensation is crucial to successful acupuncture effect.

First, it marks the accuracy of the point inserted. Surprisingly, there are countless points on the body where such sensations are absent. Many have the misunderstanding that if a needle is inserted and there are no feelings at all, then the procedure is done correctly. Truthfully, a needle inserted so gives a very low effect.

Second, the stimulation is crucial for the body to actively heal. Take the analogy of switching on a light. You have a choice of 3 switches on the wall. Even when these switches are less than an inch apart, there is still just one switch that will work; nothing happens when you press on the one next to it. Likewise in acupuncture, when the needle is inserted, it has to be precise enough to stimulate the acupoint to start the healing process. Nothing or minimal effect would result if any other point is targeted.

Accuracy is everything in acupuncture technique.

Acupuncture is the hand work in Chinese medicine. At SIT Acupuncture, our acupuncturists put extreme effort in mastering this hands-on technique. All of our acupuncturists are highly-trained and experienced to ensure that you receive only the best treatment possible.

We put your body in the right position to promote natural health and healing.