Our team

Wing Yiu Chan (Sam), R.Ac

Sam’s interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began long before he received his professional training. He believes that healing through traditional Chinese wisdoms, TCM and acupuncture are one of the most valuable treasures in the medical system. Early in his career, treatments were effective, but he was not satisfied with the efficiency, and constantly strived for a breakthrough in finding ways to make the healing process faster and better for patients. In time, he found that acupuncture was extremely effective and patients need not worry about side effects from taking medication, including Chinese herbs, so he ultimately chose to focus on the study and practice of acupuncture. His most influential mentor in his career in acupuncture was the late Dr. ChengwenTian. He not only broadened his views, but gave him the insight to further excel in his skills. With faith, perseverance, years of experience, and theories from the East and West, he now finds himself treating patients using a clear, precise and effective system of his own. Every patient is different, no ailment is the same. He believes in life-long learning, and it is from treating each of these patients that allows him to advance continuously.

Ingrid Ng, R.TCMP, R.Ac

Ingrid holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of British Columbia. She then pursued her professional training in TCM & acupuncture at the Guangzhou University of TCM, China, where she ultimately obtained her Masters and Doctorate degrees. Sam’s her most influential mentor and through years of learning and working with him, she has mastered all the skills. There is never an end to knowledge, and it is through treating each patient that she keeps on learning and excelling. Her philosophy of care: the best interest of patients is the only interest to be considered.

Lai Ting Chan, R.Ac

Lai Ting came from a family of experienced acupuncturists. Ever since she was a little girl, the family’s clinic was the place to hang out where she observed patients who came with such suffering and finally left with the look of ease. When she fell sick, getting acupuncture was the natural protocol and which made her feel better immediately. With growing interest and curiosity of how acupuncture worked wonders without the use of any herbs or medication, she began to seek a basic understanding from her family at an early age. Even before she was admitted to the undergraduate studies in Chinese Medicine, she already had full exposure of the practical and clinical setting in patient care. In 2007, she finally achieved her bachelor’s degree at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China. With the theoretical background from school in addition to the valuable clinical experiences learnt from her family that she could never acquire from books, she was immediately ready to apply her skills in her own practice. Prior to joining our team in Toronto, she had previously worked in British Columbia and Alberta, where she was in good standing with both governing colleges. Through the years of experiences, she has mastered her skills and gained great knowledge in the treatment of different kinds of diseases. Lai Ting has a passion for her work. In her idle time, she previously took up social responsibility by being a volunteer acupuncturist for a self-help group for the brain-damaged; thus, the experience gave her great insight in treating patients of stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Now she works as a therapy volunteer at Hospice Toronto, providing compassionate care and support to patients and families in a home hospice setting.