Decrease drug dependence

Acupuncture treatments stimulate the self-healing mechanism in our bodies. At SIT Acupuncture, our trained team of licensed and experienced Toronto acupuncturists is skilled at precise and fine needling techniques that increase the stimulation to these specific areas. This means the acupuncture treatment will be more effective and relief will be longer-lasting.

Self-healing Potential

Our body possesses the best healing formula to which no drug can compare. This is the key to understanding how acupuncture works to decrease drug usage. The harmful side effects that accompany the intake of medication only damage our systems further. The common dilemma seen in patients when taking medications is the rise of multiple symptoms on the relief of one symptom. Acupuncture comes into place not only to deal with the medical problem at question by healing from within, but also to relieve other concurrent symptoms and conditions on the whole.

By strengthening the body functions, we begin to help patients to lower their dosage, then work their way into phasing the drug out entirely. Not all drugs can be eliminated. The most common types of drug dependence that greatly benefit from our treatments would be pain killers. The damaging effect is well- acknowledged, but only pain sufferers will know how they will simply become more and more powerless at the face of these drugs. Ultimately, drugs win over you. Our treatments strive to bring control back into your own hands.

Drug-Free Approach

Less is more. The benefit of our treatment is that there are no other prescribed medicinal therapies besides acupuncture, thus, side effects are non-existent. With this approach, the medical condition can be revealed at its genuine identity, instead of being complicated by multiple conditions. Diagnosis and treatment will therefore be far less difficult.

Our approach to acupuncture is a holistic one. We focus on your entire body and our in-depth diagnosis aims to get to the root causes of your issues, rather than simply attempting to treat the symptoms. Our treatments improve your life for the long-term, not just for the short-term. This lasting relief allows you to decrease your dependence on drugs and improve your quality of life.

Our treatments are compatible with all other therapies. You will not have to worry about receiving conflicting supplements or medications. Our holistic approach to acupuncture lets us focus on your entire body and your overall wellness.

Acupuncture treatments are covered by most private health plans, making them accessible to a large number of people. Contact us today for more information on how acupuncture diagnosis and treatments can decrease drug dependence and lead to better overall health.